REF Mars Base- May 2036
REF fleet Arrive at Remains of the Mars base thought to have been destroyed during the second Robotech War. While it was attacked there were some survivors and had managed to rebuild the base and they had not been attacked by the Invid due to them not having any protoculture mecha active at the time of their arrival.

The IKazuchi command carrier Minmei had a special task force to deliver to mars to set up a new command Base for the REF and landed at the mars base.
Unfortunately, the rest of the fleet that had been sent to attack the Invid was wiped out and The Invid fleet attacked mars.

The Minmei tried to take off to engage the Invid but it was taking very heavy damage. In a last-ditch effort to escape destruction, the Minmei attempted a space fold jump. The space fold triggered a dimensional anomaly to occur that caused the ship and the base to be transported not to a far way destination. but to a different Mars in a new dimension.

REF Mars Base Adventures

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